mtnsBlount County Schools serves over 11,300 students in 21 schools – 14 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 2 high schools, 1 alternative school. As the 4th largest employer in Blount County we employ over 1600 employees. More detailed information about each school can be found at the "our schools" link on this page.

Blount County Schools implemented the new official state standards in school year 2013-2014. Both high schools met achievement targets and showed continued progress on growth (TVAAS). Our graduation rate was over 91% for the 2013-14 school year and math in 3rd through 8th grades has continued to have a high level of consistency in growth. In addition, composite (4-subject) level growth for our elementary schools has maintained substantial progress for the third year in a row.

The state Department of Education named two Blount County schools, Fairview Elementary and Friendsville Elementary schools as 2013-14 Reward Schools. Only 168 Tennessee schools received the designation, which represent the top 5 percent of schools for annual student growth and top 5 percent for academic achievement. Blount County Schools has also received the state Department of Education's Governor's A+ Award for Commitment to Excellence in Education . and in 2012 was one of 21 school systems to earn the Exemplary School System designation.

These achievements are not easy to reach yet our teachers have raised standards, improved instructional delivery, increased student academic growth gains and overall performance, all while managing major changes in education. Most of our teachers go well above and beyond the call of duty to provide.

Blount County Schools is ranked among the top in Tennessee and continues to be a truly great school system. We will continue to stay focused on providing an education that will support our student's capacity to compete for employment in the 21st century workplace.


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BCS Strategic Plan 2011-2016 | 2012 Performance Report 


Academic Growth (TVAAS)

Subject  2010
Growth Standard 
Goal Score (2015)
Goal Grade (2015)
Math   0 0 >=2.0 A
Reading/Language  -1.1 >=2.0 A
Science  -2.3  >=1.0 B
Social Studies 0.2 C 0 >=1.0 B


ACT Goals

Five and Ten Year Goals for ACT Scores

Subject/Area  2010  3-Yr. Average  5-Year Goal (2015)  10-Year Goal (2010)
Composite  19.3  20.1  20.5  21.5
English  19.0  20.0  20.8  22
Math  18.9  19.3  20.3  21.5
Reading 19.8 20.9 21 22
Science 19.0 19.8 20 21